Asian Cinema and Film Festivals survey

As part of the MSc in Digital Feature Production in Filmbase / Staffordshire University, I am conducting research on audience consumption of East Asian cinema and the role of film festivals in the age of digital film-making and distribution. This research will form part of my thesis, but is also conducted with the intention of running an East Asian film festival in Ireland sometime in late 2012. It is hoped that the responses to the research will help shape the programme and focus of the festival. The survey should take no longer than five to ten minutes. In this survey, ‘Asian film’ is used a shorthand to refer to East Asian cinema – particularly the cinema of Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. ‘Classic’ film is used as a general term to denote any film that has been released before and has since received a theatrical re-release – this can include contemporary titles (for example, the recent re-release of 'Battle Royale' in 3D) as well as older ones (e.g. 'Seven Samurai', 'My Neighbour Totoro', 'Hard Boiled'). ‘Film festival’ refers to any event in a cinema where a large number of films are shown together. This includes the likes of director retrospectives and themed seasons as well as the more traditional festival. Many thanks for your participation, Stephen
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