Remedy Recruiters Survey For Private Juries & Focus Groups

We are now accepting candidates for our private jury pools and focus groups in the Greater New Orleans area. We are seeking a diverse mix of eligible candidates but all must be U.S. Citizens, be eligible to work in the United States and speak English. No experience is required; however, you must be dependable, flexible and have reliable transportation. Please complete this brief survey to be added to our pool for upcoming events. It will take 5 minutes or less. We DO NOT sell your personal information to other companies. The information provided is used strictly to screen you into focus groups and private juries based on their specific requirements.
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Demographic Information

Please note that each jury pool or focus group requires a diversity of participants - age, ethnicity, gender, education, etc. so please provide the requested demographic information.


To assist us in matching you to the best assignments, please also provide us your availability for assignments which can vary greatly from weekdays, weekends and evenings. Which days and hours can you participate?

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