Technology Training Workshops - Microsoft Office 2010

Major focuses of each workshop: MS Word III 1. Enhance a table by sorting and calculating table data, and creating charts based on various table data. 2. Insert, manipulate, and format graphic images. 3. Use Drawing tools, SmartArt, WordArt, and Text box. 4. Design news letter with Word MS Word IV 1. Use the Mail Merge Wizard to mail merge form letters, 2. Create mailing labels. 3. Create and edit a bookmark and hyperlink, MS Excel II 1. Use Excel Templates and create your own template. 3. Manipulate data 4. Manipulate workbook 5. Work with charts and graphics 6. Customize Excel layout MS Excel III 1. Calculate Across Worksheets, 2. Calculate with Date and Time Functions, 3. Calculate with Lookup and Functions, 4. Calculate with Logical Functions. MS Access I 1. Create simple Access Database, 2. Understand the concepts of Access Table, Query, Form, and Report, 3. Design an Access Table, 4. Create a simple Query, Form, and Report. MS Access II 1. Format an Access Table, 2. Format data property in design view, 3. Specify Query questions, 4. Create a Query, Form, and Report using design Wizard. MS Access III 1. Update an Access Database, 2. Create relationship between tables, 3. Perform calculation and statistics, 4. Integrate Excel tables into an Access database.
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