2013 California Student Media Festival

Applications are now open for the 47th California Student Media Festival. Deadline: MIDNIGHT (Pacific Time), April 17, 2013 Thank you for entering the California Student Media Festival. We're looking forward to seeing great student work! SPECIAL NOTES * Please read through all the requirements and directions BEFORE completing this application. * Once you get started, this online application should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. * Because there is no way to save an application in progress, you read through the everything BEFORE starting. A printable version of the application online at: http://www.mediafestival.org/enter.shtml. * Each project may only be submitted into ONE category. * New Categories for 2013 include: Viral Parody, Mobile Devices, and After School/Extra-Curricular. Please contact mike@mediafestival.org or jamie@mediafestival.org with submission questions. Thanks for entering! Good Luck!

SUBMISSION The unique URL for your project is a very important part of your application. Please double check that your URL is valid before posting it here (and be sure your video is public - we will not be able to view or judge a project that is set to private). Submission Guidelines: 1. Teachers submit all entries. All communication will be sent to the teacher responsible for the entry. 2. For every classroom project, please submit only the "best" one to the Media Festival for consideration. In other words, if your students are creating similar projects on photosynthesis, please submit only one project to the Festival. (We can't have the judges going through 30 similar projects when they have the rest of the state's entrants to judge.) 3. Enter a project only once. 4. Store a complete, high-resolution copy of your project, as this is required for all winning projects. 5. Entries must be received by MIDNIGHT PST of the day of the submission deadline. 6. Entries must represent work that was completed after April 15 of the previous year. 7. Before submitting your project, you will need to download the supervisor permission form. This form must be printed and signed by the teacher and the school principal. It will be your responsibility to save the form until requested by media festival officials. If students’ likenesses are in included in the project, a parent signature may also be required. 8. All entries are submitted online using a preferred web hosting partner or other media hosting provider (Examples: School Tube, You Tube. Vimeo). All entries MUST have a valid, public URL that our judges can access. 9. If your project includes copyrighted material – please follow the private uploading instructions. Projects that include copyright can be judged by following the private uploading instructions. *PLEASE NOTE THAT SUBMISSIONS NOT CLEARED OF COPYRIGHT CANNOT BE INCLUDED IN ANY ON-AIR OPPORTUNITIES FROM PBS. 10. Multimedia projects can be uploaded to Google Docs. If needed, multimedia projects can be shared in Google Docs with castudentmedia@gmail.com Whatever type of project you submit – upload it and copy your URL BEFORE beginning the process of entering your project(s) in the festival. Please contact mike@mediafestival.org or jamie@mediafestival.org with submission questions, or if you need an alternate entry submission option.
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