Graduate Student Organization Travel Award 2014

Information: It is the intention of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) to recognize outstanding work by OHSU graduate students, and to contribute to their professional development by helping fund travel to distant sites for scholarly purposes. Given a recent influx of resources available to the GSO*, ten graduate students per year will receive reimbursement for out-of pocket costs up to $400 for research-related travel. Students must retain receipts for their travel, and reimbursement will occur once the student returns from the trip. Eligibility: Applicants must be students admitted to a master’s or doctoral graduate program in the OHSU School of Medicine's Graduate Studies Program, and must be in good academic standing at the time the award is made. Travel can occur at any time of the year. The award funds can be applied to conference fees, lodging, food, and other necessary expenses, including travel fares. Due to limited funds, preference will be given to senior students. Examples of Eligible Travel: • Receipt of honors awarded to the student for scholarly work • Individual presentations at scholarly conferences • Multiple-student presentations at scholarly conferences • Presentations by eligible student(s) and faculty jointly at a scholarly event Application and Award schedule: • Awards will be made once during each term. • Applications must be received by the GSO by 5:00 P.M. for the given deadline. • Responses will be emailed to applicants two weeks after the application deadline. • Award funds will be mailed directly to recipients following return from their trip. Award specifics: • Awardees will be determined by the GSO Travel Award steering committee. • Maximum award per student of $400.00, reimbursed after the trip. • A student who has received $400 from this award program is not eligible to apply again, unless the student graduates with his/her graduate degree and is admitted for a different graduate degree program at OHSU. • OHSU requires a Social Security Number (SSN). Recipients will be required to provide their SSN if it is not already on file in the OHSU Student Information System. • If, for any reason, recipients do not attend or participate in the function as described in the application, the award must be returned to the GSO for future disbursement. •Awards may only be disbursed before the end of the academic year. Any student’s unused award money is forfeited in the following year. However, for administrative reasons, summer term reimbursements will be delayed until the Fall term of the next academic year. SPRING 2014 DEADLINE: May 23rd * The GSO travel award will only be granted for as long as these additional funds are available.
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