Resident Assistant and Greek Village Aide Application 2013-2014

UWG Housing and Residence Life strives to attract successful Resident Assistant and Greek Village Aide candidates who will be committed to actively engaging with students and building positive residential living-learning communities within our residence halls. We only want the best and the brightest candidates who embrace and embody the LIVE WEST philosophy and will share this great concept with their future residents if selected.
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Please list your two references and their contact information below: **If you currently live on campus, one reference MUST be a RA**


I understand that all documents relative to this application for employment, including, but not limited to applicant references, evaluation notations of interviewers, and staff comment sheets are confidential. I further understand that I will not have the opportunity to personally review or inspect any of these documents. However, in an effort to promote valuable educational experience and to improve interviewing skills, any member of the interviewing team will provide feedback concerning reasons for selection or non-selection at the applicant’s request. This procedure is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. I wish to submit this application for employment with the Department of Housing and Residence Life. I am aware of the responsibilities of the position(s) as specified in the enclosed Resident Assistant job descriptions, and I fully intend to fulfill each one to the best of my ability if I am offered and accept a position. I possess the minimum qualifications required for the position(s) as specified on this form, and all information I have provided herein is true and accurate. I understand that falsifying information may affect my employment eligibility and/or status.

I understand that my signature below authorizes the Department of Housing and Residence Life to review and verify all information contained in this application, including my GPA and disciplinary file.

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