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OCFR Presentation Request Form 2012 If your presentation is accepted, you, or your co-author, will be expected to attend the OCFR conference in Edmond, Oklahoma on March 30, 2012 Please remember to hit the submit button when you are finished. Please Note: Undergraduate students need to have a co-author who is licensed, certified, or with credentials (E.g., Masters Degree or above, CFLE, LSCW, LMFT, etc.).
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Possible Presentation Types

Topic is justified and relevant to the conference theme. Proposal is clearly written and logically organized. Sessions that involve data collection and analysis describe the research methods used, and the analysis, and conclusions of the study. Presentations of papers that are based upon clinical or practical experience describe their practitioner information in light of existing practice, theory, or empirical evidence. Papers and posters, whether based on data collection & analysis, or on practitioner experience, include the scholarly basis of their work. This means a literature review with references. Papers that are reviews of literature, theory, and conceptual pieces are welcome. POSTER PRESENTATION: (displayed during conference) PAPER PRESENTATION: (10-15 minutes of presentation as part of a group of papers--selected by OCFR review committee) WORKSHOP: Skill-based, educational sessions.

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