Blue Planet Public Speaking Training on May 8th

On Tuesday, May 8, Mechanical Engineering will sponsor a day of public speaking training by Bill Hoogterp from BluePlanet. For more information, see Please fill out all required fields and click the training session(s) you would like to participate in. If you have trouble signing up, please email Marj Joss,
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Definition of Levels

LEVEL 1 HOW THE AUDIENCE BLOCKS SPEAKERS AND FILTERS In Level 1, you will begin to get comfortable being on camera with a series of fun tips and exercises learning how the brain processes (and blocks) information. You learn how to eliminate weak language, overcome nervousness and actually enjoy speaking to groups. Level 1 gives you the tone and tools and foundation for all the levels to come. LEVEL 2 BEING MEMORABLE If someone can remember what you said three days later, you educated. If they can’t remember what you said 3 days later, you just presented. So what makes the difference between which speakers are memorable? Level 2 gives you techniques for using strong language to paint pictures and evoke emotions in the mind of the audience bypassing filters and going straight to the memory centers of the brain. You get on camera again, doing exercises in teams that teach you how to analyze any speaker you hear to see what worked and why. You learn how to start with a scene and read an audience to find breakthroughs in how you are perceived by them. LEVEL 3 MODULATING YOUR VOICE AND NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION Using inspirational quotes as practice on camera, you learn how to modulate the volume and speed of your voice to make it much more compelling to the ear of the audience. Body language is covered with techniques on what we do with our hands, face and body that strengthens our ability to be memorable, using much more of our range, sometimes shown with advanced dial testing technology. LEVEL 4 INVOLVING THE AUDIENCE AND TEAM PRESENTATIONS There are two growing trends we begin to practice in Level 4. You learn seven techniques for involving an audience and practice them in team which makes the learning even more fun, which are simple and easy, yet powerfully effective. The key to persuasion is giving the audience a job where they share their results visibly back. You want to balance creativity and innovation with having a senior presence and focus. LEVEL 5 DEVELOPING THE POWER OF STORIES Here you practice business and other stories with an audience to learn to describe memorable characters, statistics and scenarios. You begin to learn how to command and use the full room and start with a scene. Change creates energy so you practice different approaches to identify which stories work best for you in different situations. Videos help you see how you personally affect an audience while you learn to give effective feedback to your peers, focused on the positive. LEVEL 6-10 OPENINGS, CLOSINGS, EFFECTIVE MEETINGS, BETTER POWERPOINTS, EXECUTIVE PRESENCE, KEYNOTE SPEECHES AND PANELS, TIME MANAGEMENT RELATED TO COMMUNICATION Levels 6-10 take the core skills learned in Levels 1-5 and apply them to professional situations with real life scenarios, additional techniques and practice to integrate all the habits into the participants real approach. This gives them the confidence to be even more successful with the tools to keep improving on their own.

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