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The Mission of the Institute for Cultural Communicators...

...is to equip Christians to shape the future with authentic leadership and cultural communication. We desire to share our vision with you with a free presentation and activities with ICC's touring intern team. ( See bios and videos of these competent students at http://iccinc.org/interns2012. ) Tuesday, October 16, 2012 from 1 - 3 p.m. Highland Bethel Church 3800 North Clinton Street Ft. Wayne, IN 46805 After an initial presentation to both adults and students by the touring interns, the intern team will engage the students in communications activities in appropriate age groups. It will help us plan and make better us of our time if we have a good idea of the number of students who will attend in each age group. Please help us out by filling out the information below. You are welcome to share this link with anyone else you think may be interested. While the students are engaged in group activities, you will have the opportunity to hear more about ICC's vision and mission, and the ways we implement training for our students in local communities. Be sure to reserve the weekend of October 18 - 20 to attend the Communicators for Christ conference in Jackson, MI with your students ages 6 - 18. More information is available on the website: https://iccinc.org/tour Local contact: Shari Webster family@webster7.com Other questions: Karen Miller ICC Great Lakes Area Coordinator karen@iccinc.org


Contact: Karen Miller Institute for Cultural Communicators Great Lakes Area Coordinator karen@iccinc.org

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