Ace-Ace's Weekend MLB Promo April 13th Thru June 3rd (Sponsored by EZ Street Sports & JustBet)

After selecting one of two RX sponsor sportsbooks (EZStreet Sports or JustBet) and making a minimum $100 Deposit to that Sportsbook, fill out this form. If you do not have an account at either of these books, click one of the text links at the top of the Offshore Forum page in order to open and fund the account. Be sure to click through that link for eligibility. The money you deposit is yours to do with what you see fit. Once your entry is confirmed you will be eligible to receive Ace-Ace's MLB Picks every weekend for the next 8 weeks, beginning Fri, April 13th and running thru Sun, June 3rd. JOHâ„¢ will email Ace-Ace's plays as soon as they become available each morning. Sign up now. Delaying to register will only result in missing out on the action.
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