Question for Scott's Game

By filling this out, you are giving me permission to use your question in my games with an acknowledgment to you for your contribution. If multiple people contribute the same question, I will only be able to acknowledge the first person to submit a question. This is for a get-to-know-you party game. I'm seeking questions that you would ask someone if you wanted to get to know them better. This will be more interesting if it is a question that doesn't have a simple answer. Something like "What is your favorite memory" is a better question than "What is your favorite color." I am going to create a family and an adult version of the game, so please indicate if your question is appropriate for families - the Family version or an Adult version. Adult questions can be more like the sort of discussion you might have in mixed company in a singles bar. Please respond to this survey by Friday, April 13th. You may reply to this survey multiple times, and please submit the form once for each question.
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