SURVEY: Make yourself be heard!

Welcome! We believe that expressing discontent is the first step to improve things. Our complaints are unfortunately often ignored, unheard or simply not expressed. To be able to understand and improve this, we would appreciate if you could take the time to answer the following questions. If it is more comfortable for you, apart from English, you may answer the free text questions in French, German or Spanish. Thank you!
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A) Your habits

// These questions are meant to understand better your habits. //

I talk about it to my friends and family.
I post it on facebook.
I write about it in a blog or a forum.
I protest in the street, sign a petition or boycott a product.
I complain directly to the responsible person or company.
I do nothing.

B) An idea of a way to make ourselves better heard

// In order to make our voices better heard, the authors of this survey have imagined a free website (and Smartphone app) specialized in gathering criticisms about all types of matters. The goal is to create an online “complaint book” which allows users to share more easily their irritations in order to encourage companies and politicians to improve their services and actions. A registered user would be able to search for a specific topic (or create one if it doesn’t exist) and post an anonymous critic about it. An unregistered user would only be able to read other people's comments. This section is meant to understand if such a website would be useful and what is important to consider when designing it. Therefore please take the time to imagine such a website and answer the questions as truthfully as possible so that we may have a realistic overview. Thank you. //

C) Some personal data

// This data is meant for statistical purposes only. //

Thank you very much for having taken the time to fill out this survey!

// Please do not hesitate to write a comment below if you wish to communicate something to us. //

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