MBLA - Training Course Evaluation

Please complete this evaluation form after your MBLA Training course. Your feedback is important to us and is used by Scottish Cycling /MBLA to monitor the effectiveness and quality of our courses.

MBLA Registration was straight forward
The Candidate Pathway is easy to follow
Pre-course information from the Tutor was appropriate and sufficient
Pre-course communication from the Tutor was helpful and informative

The course programme accurately described the course content and aims
All tasks were relevant to the course aims
Course pace and difficulty was appropriate
There was enough time to complete all elements of the course
I would recommend this course to other people

The MBLA Manual adequately covered all topics required for this module
The Manual is clear and well written
I will use the Manual for home study/future reference
The Manual illustrations aid understanding
The Manual and additional course materials were used effectively
The Manual contains information that is new to me

The Tutor was suitably prepared for this course
The Tutor clearly stated learning outcomes
The Tutor explained all tasks clearly
The Tutor set the right pace for our group
Sufficient reference was made by the Tutor to the MBLA Training Manual
There were opportunities to learn from other candidates
The Tutor provided a sufficiently detailed Action Plan
The Tutor explained next steps
I would recommend this Tutor to other people

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