FUSION 2012 Job Site Registration

FUSION is a University of Kentucky K Week Orientation Program which annually forges the campus-city relationship in channeling UK volunteers to serve at various sites in Lexington. Each agency and neighborhood is an essential FUSION partner in providing quality volunteer opportunities to our participants and raising the overall campus awareness of community service. Whether you are a valued returning or new partnership, we look forward to working with you in the united spirit of service for FUSION 2012 this fall! Some points to consider as you register and plan your project: · The date for FUSION has been set for August 20th, 2012. · Plan for around 2-3 hours of work; volunteers will be working roughly the duration of 12:00-3:00 PM. · Don't underestimate the amount of work a group of enthusiastic and energetic college students can get done. Plan for more than you think they will accomplish, and they will likely surprise you! · Organizations are encouraged to have a representative present for the duration of the project to orient volunteers to your site/agency as we always hope FUSION volunteers will return later. So even if it isn't their favorite service activity hearing about your cause will inspire them to come back! · Feel free to further communicate with us for more details or ideas in planning for FUSION!
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