Deeper Dialogues Registration Form 2013

The goal of deeper dialogues is to bring together Fordham University undergraduate students in a welcoming and intimate space to dialogue about a variety of topics dealing with diversity and social justice. In order to create a safe and open space for our participants, deeper dialogues are designed in three weekly sessions for an hour and a half time period with the same group of ten participants discussing a main topic. Students will get to know each other better as they open the dialogue and delve deeper into these topics. Participants must be able to attend all three sessions in order to be a part of the deeper dialogues program. Each topic will be facilitated by one administrator and one Diversity Peer Leader. This program is open to all current Fordham undergraduate students. Students can choose to participate at either Lincoln Center or Rose Hill. Demographic inquiries and optional questions are posed to obtain better insight to further enhance the development of this pilot program.
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