To What Extent Does Culture Influence the Use of Internet Banking: A Comparative Study of UK and India?

Please find below the survey questionnaires for my dissertation on the topic mentioned above. Your answers will make a huge difference to the study and justify the results of this research. All data collected will be dealt with utmost confidentiality and should take only about 5-10 mins to complete. Your cooperation is much appreciated. Please read the instructions carefully to answer all the relevant questions correctly as once you make a choice it cannot be reversed. Do not worry if you click an option by mistake just try to refresh the page and complete the questionnaire. Kind Regards
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Part A

Personal Information

User Interface
Live Support

Ease of Use

Within the next 2-3 weeks
In the next 2-3 months
From next year

Part B

(For each of the statements, please indicate the extent of your agreement or disagreement by clicking the appropriate circle)

I fully understand how to use internet banking
I like the ease of use to internet banking
Internet banking sites keep customers' best interest in mind
I think internet banking is the modern way to bank
I can perform my tasks more easily using internet banking
I can perform my banking activities 24/7 regardless of the bank's normal opening hours
Everybody i know uses internet banking at present

I find internet banking more flexible than traditional branch based banking
My decision to use internet banking was influenced by my peers
I fear for the security of my money
I feel the need to have a more personalised communication from my bank
Efficiency of service is of high importance to me
Internet banking gives me better control over my finances
Prior training is essential to fully utilise the internet banking services
Internet banking fits in with my lifestyle perfectly
I am comfortable using internet banking
I can perform all kinds of banking activities through internet banking

The information provided on the internet banking sites is accurate and sincere
Internet banking services provide error free statements
I trust my bank to fully protect my personal details from fraudsters
All transactions over internet banking are carried out according to the user's intentions
Transactions made in error can be retrieved by the bank
Internet banking activities can be intercepted by third parties
Internet banking transactions can be modified by unauthorised third parties
I am concerned about unauthorised third parties claiming money from my account

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