University of Scranton Field Student Sign Off Form

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Remember, if you have completed hours for multiple field courses, you must sign off for both courses, even if you completed your hours at the same location. Please be sure to check all the boxes that apply below.

By answering the following questions and adding comments, you can provide valuable feedback about your field experience.

Before you began your field experience, did you understand the expectatations and requirements for your field hours?
When you first began your field experience, did you feel welcomed into the classroom environment?
Did your cooperating teacher display the appropriate level of cooperation in order to complete your field hours and assignments?
Did you engage in reflection about your field experience as a group when you met with the instructor of your field course?
Did you find the feedback from your University observer to be helpful and appropriate?

By completing the following information, you confirm that you have finished all the required hours for your field course.

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