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Thanks for joining others across South Minneapolis working for a better energy future! Use the form below to: 1. Sign on endorsing the campaign and joining our contact list (this page) 2. Commit to taking actions to save energy in your home (page 2) 3. Sign up to existing programs to help you save energy (page 3) 4. Take leadership engaging your community (page 4) 5. Help build Our Power by donating, seeking work/ business involvement, investing, or joining a team (page 5) You can skip any of pages 2-4 that are not relevant to you or go as in-depth as you want. If you're just signing on, this should take under a minute, or you can spend up to 20 or so telling us why this matters to you and what you want to do. Only questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required. The vast majority of questions are optional.
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Feel free to provide any contact info you would like us to use to follow up with you. If you want us to follow up with you, we need a way to do that. We will not provide your information to other groups, except directly related to energy efforts you ask us to connect you to.

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The focus area is south of Highway 94 and north of 38th Street between Hiawatha and Highway 35W, which includes the Ventura Village, East Phillips, Midtown Philips, Phillips West, Central, Powderhorn Park, and Corcoran neighborhoods. Our Power recognizes that residents and businesses beyond this area are important collaborators in this effort, and are using these boundaries to focus our efforts, not to exclude those beyond them.

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