Easter 2013

All orders will be delivered between 9am and 3pm on Saturday, March 30th. There will be no second attempts at delivery, and no refunds for undeliverable packages, so make sure you leave your phone number and pick it up! We'll be calling ahead to make sure you're home and that your baked goods end up exactly where they belong- in your tummy. Otherwise we're just leaving them in your lobby, and we can't guarantee your neighbors won't be overcome with temptation over our deliciousness and jack your stuff. I mean, it's crazy delicious- who could blame them.
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Enter the quantity you'd like next to each flavor. There is a one dozen minimum for delivery- you can mix and match in whatever way you'd like to make your dozen. It is also ok to order a dozen of just one flavor- you do not need to order all of them. All cupcakes are $3.25 each.

Whoopie Pies

One dozen minimum. Same instruction as above. These are particularly lovely for a cocktail party if you cut them into quarters or sixths and skewer them with a toothpick. Everyone loves food on a stick.


One dozen minimum. Also can be cut up into little squares and served as bite sized desserts as part of a buffet. Or you can cut them into triangles. Some people like triangles. There is no "right" shape for a brownie- it is just happy if it's eaten and can fulfill it's destiny of being decadent.

Thank You!

We will email you in a few days to confirm your order and make sure any special requests you have are doable- then we'll shoot you a secure invoice via Paypal so you can pay securely with your credit card or Paypal account. Happy Easter!

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