Science Olympiad Seminar Registration Form - Shock Value and Keep The Heat

2012-3 Science Olympiad Seminar Series Topics: Shock Value and Keep the Heat Date: Saturday February 9, 2013, 12:00-5:00pm Overview: GVSU Professors of Engineering will discuss topics of interest to middle and high school teams competing in the 2013 Science Olympiad. The Shock Value session will explore basic resistive circuits and topics related to electrical engineering. The Keep The Heat Session will examine the fundamentals of thermodynamic engineering. Location: GVSU Pew Campus, room KEN 124, Kennedy Hall of Engineering. Parking permits are not required on Saturdays. (More details at Audience: B and C level Science Olympiad teams. Topics: 12:00pm Prof. Bogdan Adamczyk - Shock Value 2:00pm break 3:00pm Prof. Shirley Fleischmann - Keep The Heat 5:00pm Adjourn Website:

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