Personality and positive mood

My name is Professor Vincent Egan. I am a psychologist at the University of Leicester, and I am interested in the way people are in some ways similar to others, and in other ways different. This is a study looking at the lighter and darker sides of personality and how they relate to each other. We are interested to see how more pleasant aspects of how you see yourself relate to perhaps less attractive sides of your character, taking into account general aspects of personality. We would also like to know whether these aspects of character are more or less common in persons who have got into trouble with the law, or who have had emotional difficulties. There is no right or wrong answer to any of the questions we ask, and all the information we gather is confidential. The personal information we do ask is to ensure that our study is as representative as we can make it, and is not enough to specifically identify anyone. All information will be kept securely and will be password-protected. Should you decide at any point to withdraw from this study before completing the current questionnaires, just leave the webpage. If this happens, the programme will not write your responses to file. Please note this study is only open to participants over the age of 18.
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