Beltline Trail Online Petition

We, the undersigned, support improving the Beltline Trail for all users, including: - Safe, direct, signalized crossings of the Beltline Trail at Oriole, Avenue, Bathurst, and the David Balfour Park trail at Mt. Pleasant - Lighting along the length of the trail, so the trail can be used after dusk. - A direct entrance from the Beltline to the proposed Chaplin Crosstown LRT station. - Winter maintenance to prevent sheets of ice from building up. - Fixes to persistent drainage problems, especially south of Moore and north of Eglinton For more information on our campaign to improve the Beltline Trail, see: We respect your privacy. We will not sell, trade or distribute your personal information to anyone except for the City of Toronto staff working on the project and the City councillors and MPPs around the project area.
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