Motorola Mobility Health Mashups Study

This summer, the Motorola Mobility Applied Research Center will be conducting a study of our Health Mashups system. The system allows users to automatically aggregate data about a variety of aspects of their lives (weight, step count, calendar data, location, weather, etc.) as well as provides the ability to optionally log food intake, mood, or pain information. Users then receive a feed of statistically significant correlations across these aspects of their lives as a way to know themselves a bit better. For example, letting you know that "You walk more on days when you have more scheduled time in your calendar" or "You gain weight on days when it's warmer outside." The mobile application also includes graphs and other ways to explore your data. Our study will be open to external participants. If you're interested in trying the application, and have an Android phone, please fill out the survey below (note that you do not need to own all of the listed devices to qualify). We'll be in touch in the next few weeks. Thank you for your interest in our system!
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