Want to influence international climate policy?

Hey Folks, Do you want to help influence international climate policy but are unsure how? Join the Sierra Student Coalition's Rapid Response Network! In just one week 13 youth from the Sierra Student Coalition will be heading to the UN International Climate Negotiations (COP17) in South Africa. They have spent the past four months tirelessly preparing to represent US youth at these negotiations, and now they need our help! While in South Africa they will be reporting daily on the progress of the negotiations as well as other significant updates from the international climate movement. They need individuals back at home, like me and you, to help spread these updates in our networks and communities to keep climate change a pressing issue in our country. Also, they may need us to put pressure on specific politicians or government agencies here in the US to help influence the decisions made at the negotiations. The best way to help is to sign up to be part of the Rapid Response Network. As part of Rapid Response, you will receive about 6 requests from the SSC group while they are at the negotiations. By reaching out into your local community and networks, you can help spread vital information and have a significant impact on time-sensitive policy decisions here in the US! Please fill out the following information if you want to be part of Rapid Response.

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