What you will need to complete this form:

1. Approximately 30 minutes to complete the form (aside from the essay questions). 2. A separate document to type the responses to the essay questions which can be found on the first page. This document cannot be saved so we strongly encourage you to copy and paste your responses. 3. Your health insurance information. Again, this document cannot be saved and the insurance information is on the final page, so you will want to have it available. The application includes four sections: 1. Completed ASB Application 2. ASB Contract: Goals and Participant Expectations 3. ASB Contract: Finanacial Responsibilities 4. Off-Campus Activity Waiver ASB Timeline: October 12th - Applications Due at 4pm October 18th - Notify Participants November 16th - Fee ($100) Due October 29th-November 2nd - First Group Meeting 5th Block (Time/Date TBD) - All participant training March 8th-17th - Spring Break 7th Block - Reorientation events Questions? Contact Erin Vick (evick15) or Kara Trebil (ktrebil).