2012 Port Douglas Carnivale Event Registration Form

This form is for Registration of ALL Events and the data herein will be used to populate the web site, program and media statements. Managed Events - These are events managed directly by Carnivale. Partner Events - These events have specific agreements with Carnivale. Independent Events - These events have no specific agreement with Carnivale however registration is subject to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS to which you must agree for acceptance of your registration. Please ensure the approprioate box is checked at the end of this form. INDEPENDENT EVENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS * The basic registration fee is $100 for each non ticketed or charitable event and a fee of $150.00 for a ticketed event . The application fee covers listing the event on any programs produced and a description of up to 100 words on the web site. Links or Images are not included. * The Premium registration fee of $250 includes all items of the basic registration fee plus one logo, one link and a 300 word listing on the web site. * Upon acceptance of your event you will be issued an invoice for payment which must be finalised 30th March 2012. * Failure to pay your event registration fee by the due date may result in your event being omitted from program. * Acceptance of Independent Event registrations is at the discretion of Port Douglas Carnivale. Dates and times of events must not create conflicts with other events. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE EVENT PRODUCER - PARTNER and INDEPENDENT EVENTS * The applicant is responsible for all licences and permits required by local and state government. If you have any queries, please contact the Event Co Ordinator for assistance. * All Events must provide their own Public Liability Insurance. * All instructions from the Site Manager, Council, Police or relevant public officials must be complied with. * All events conducted on facilities owned by Cairns Regional Council will be subject to the appropriate fees and charges by Cairns Regional Council. If your event requires the use of Council facilities you must liaise with the Carnivale Events Co Ordinator in regard to any bookings and agree to the payment of the appropriate fees. * Where the applicant wishes to negotiate sponsorship with a company which has a prior agreement with PDC to provide sponsorship support for Carnivale, the applicant will negotiate such sponsorship through the Carnivale Sponsorship Manager. * It is the responsibility of the Event Producer to ensure that all information and graphic supplied to Carnivale for inclusion in the printed program is complete and accurate. ADVERTISING - ALL EVENTS * PDC will promote Carnivale via local and national newspapers, selected magazines and tourism publications, radio, television, web site, banners, printed programs, postcards and posters which will be distributed locally, regionally and nationally. * PDC agrees to, wherever possible, use written and graphic material as supplied by the Event Producer. * PDC does not guarantee inclusion in media coverage for any individual event. Whilst material is made available to the media there can be no guarantee that the media will actually use this material as what they cover as news and editorial is at their discretion. Individual events may undertake to organise their own paid advertising, which may assist in garnering favourable media coverage. Any such advertising campaign must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, inclusive of but not limited to the following: * The Event Producer agrees not to issue press releases prior to consultation with and review by PDC’s Media Manager. This is mainly a formality and is designed to support continuity of overall promotional activities and avoid any possible conflicting stories and/or release dates. * Event Producers agree to incorporate the official Carnivale logo and byline in all graphic advertising, printed or digital, and to include the name " Port Douglas Carnivale " in all written copy, including digital, printed or commercial media such as radio advertising. * Individual event sponsors are not authorised to use images of Carnivale that are not related to the event they are sponsoring without prior permission from PDC. * Any graphic or printed material created by sponsors or the Event Producer on behalf of a sponsor must incorporate the official PDC logo and by line in a form agreed to by PDC’s Media Manager or Events Manager. * Event Producers must acknowledge the correct name " Port Douglas Carnivale " when making any reference to the event or organisation.
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