Yale Children's Theater Off Book (3rd-5th Grade) Fall 2013 Application Form

This year's Off Book program is offering two identical workshops, which will take place on Saturdays OR Sundays, 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM. The first sessions will be Saturday, September 21 OR Sunday, September 22. The program will consist of 8 weekly sessions, with a break in October coinciding with Yale's spring break. Each student is invited to apply for both our Saturday and Sunday workshops, but the workshops are the exact same and students will only be invited to enroll in one workshop.
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A Note About Class Sizes

Please note that although we would love nothing more than to accept every child who applies, we have a limited number of teachers and volunteers and so must limit class size. Unfortunately, we often have many more applicants than there are spaces in the class. As we give priority to students who have not participated in Off Book before, especially those students who have previously applied, we encourage you to keep trying if we're unable to accept your child for the upcoming session. We offer fall and spring sessions every year, and there are workshops for students in grades K–8. (For more information, click the Programs tab above.)


Yale Children's Theater is a volunteer organization which runs with assistance from Dwight Hall and donations from parents. Hands On is a free program, however, we recommend an optional $50 donation. We appreciate donations of all sizes, and we in no way keep any record of parents who choose to make donations or do not make donations.

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