You are cordially invited to participate in the University of Cincinnati International Friendship Program. As a participant in this program, you would serve as a local friend, or someone with whom an international student could visit, enjoy an occasional meal, celebrate holidays, participate in community events, or just relax in a conversation. This is an opportunity for international students to experience American life in a non-university setting and to learn first-hand about culture in the United States. Generally, U.S. friends apply to be paired with one international student and these pairings have been quite successful. However, very often those friends who are matched with two or more students have a smoother time of getting acquainted, and they often have more enjoyable time together as the year progresses. Once you have been paired with your international student(s), it is important to contact them promptly. Most students apply to be a part of this program with high expectations and may be disappointed if they do not hear from their friend. If you would like to participate, please fill out the application.
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You are expected to contact your international student partner as soon as you get his/her information.
Be respectful of the student's belief and practices (religious, political, cultural, etc).
Consider inviting the student to your home for family gatherings, especially holidays, birthdays, etc.
Contact your student at least once a month, even if it's just a phone call to say hello.
Make an attempt to learn something about the student's home country including a few words of their language.
Introduce the student to Cincinnati highlights (Union Terminal, Krohn Conservatory, the Zoo, etc. ).
Be conscious of asking the student to go to expensive events- he/she may not be able to afford it, and will be embarrased.
Keep in mind that the student might be busy with classes and studying. Remain flexible.
If the student says something you dislike or is inappropriate, gently explain that it is offensive and give a reason why.
Don't constantly correct their English- they might become embarrassed to speak.

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