My fun and interesting traveling review. :)

Hi All, This is the first survey I have made. :) I just do it for fun and I think I'll be surprised with the results. It is also a good way for me to meet some interesting people on the way, so feel free to contact me. I make this in a fun and interesting way I hope you like it, Let's get started now!

Some anonymous info about yourself.

Here are several questions that you should answer, so I can see later on what are the preferences of each age group. It is interesting to know that and I can share the results with you, so that you can also discover stuff like, for example. that people from the US do more shopping than European people (Just a guess - don't be offended :) ).

Your comments go here.

Hi, if you like this survey or don't like it and want to let me know, you may write me here. :), If you think you have more interesting ideas you are also welcome to write, If you want me to contact you back on your comment please add your email address became i'm yet not a high level mind reader (working on it) so I can't guess your email... Yet. :) If you want to see the statistics other people wrote write me and I'll show you (after I find how to do this..) Note: Someone from Mexico notified me, that Mexico is actually in North america and not in the middle, sorry for my lack of geography skills, It probably means I need to visit Mexico soon :), I don't want to change the error in the form because It will reset the responses from those areas (that how it works here...) so if you are from Mexico, forgive me and mark it as Middle America. Note2: It is funny, some of you write me funny comments and asking me questions, and thinking I already finished my mind reading course..., and expecting me to answer your answers without email... :D If you find this survey to be fun, you may freely share it with your friends. Please don't copy or re-edit my survey unless you got a permission, All rights reserved to me - Dudu Magal. Thanks.

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