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Thank you for requesting a free quote for Pennsylvania genealogical research via my web site, As a full-time professional researcher and writer, I give all requests my utmost consideration - regardless of scope or budget. As such, delivery of proposals may take several weeks. Please take the time to provide as much information as possible, including specific details about research efforts to date, documents you already possess, repositories you have personally searched and your goal(s) for the project. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Want to do your own research with our guidance? ◄ Consider our “Pennsylvania Research Roadmap” - Just $120. For details: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cordially, STEPHANIE HOOVER Pennsylvania Research - Hauntingly PENNSYLVANIA™ - Stephanie Hoover - ♦ Look for Stephanie's 19th Century True Crime Book "The Killing of John Sharpless" in Bookstores and on Amazon Spring 2013! ♦
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