Entrepreneurial Behaviour Survey

Dear Respondent, The purpose of this research is to look into the role of customer orientation and the work environment in influencing entrepreneurial behaviours at work. In completing the questionnaire, please be honest and frank; there are no right or wrong answers. Identifiable personal details have deliberately been omitted to ensure anonymity of responses. Your answers will remain confidential at all times. Your employer will not see any of the completed questionnaires. Any personal comments from the returned questionnaires that are used in project reports, academic papers or feedback to the organisation will be quoted anonymously and anything that might identify you will be removed. This questionnaire asks about your own experiences. Completion and return are entirely voluntary. You may leave the survey at any time to withdraw your responses. We hope that you will find the questionnaire interesting and will assist us by completing this questionnaire and returning it as soon as possible. After you have completed the questionnaire, please pass on to any of the members of the research team. Thank you for your time and assistance. If you require more information about the study, please contact any member of the research team. Research Team: Juliane Wickland Lead Researcher Nottingham University Business School Ksax1jwc@nottingham.edu.my Mr. Michael Mustafa Supervisor Nottingham University Business School Michael.Mustafa@nottingham.edu.my
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