BUSINESS, LLC Application

The College of Business offers first-year freshmen majoring in pre-Business the opportunity to participate in a “Living and Learning Community” (LLC) during their fall and spring semesters at UTC. The BUSINESS LLC is a cohort of 25-30 students sharing majors, schedules and living space. The purpose is to provide students with connections to established business students, encourage them to become more involved with the College of Business, interact with its faculty and staff, and gain educational experience outside of the classroom. Each semester, BUSINESS LLC students attend one to three degree applicable courses together and live in the same dormitory. In addition, participating students take a one-hour BUSINESS LLC orientation class that offers many activities in and out of the classroom, such as the opportunity to meet area community leaders and business professionals during company tours and through guest lectures. Students eligible for the College of Business’ Living and Learning Community need to be admitted to UTC, declare one of the eight pre-Business concentrations as their program of study, plan to live on campus, and prepare to have a year-long adventure! APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 30, 2014
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