Spring 2013 RHA/NRHH Retreat Program Submission Form

The Spring 2013 RHA/NRHH Leadership Retreat will feature 3 programming sessions that each occur in 40 minute increments. Presenters will facilitate their program two times with approximately 15-45 attendees per session. Please fill out every field as completely as possible so we can make the most intentional schedule possible. You will be informed if you program was selected to be presented at the retreat by 22nd of January. The retreat will take place on Saturday, Feb. 2 and programming session with be in the afternoon (tentatively between 1-3PM). If you have any questions please email Katie Steele (katherine.steele@unco.edu).
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Program Needs

RHA can provide various supplies including crayons, markers, sheets of paper, butcher paper, laptop, projector, speakers, pens, pencils, paint, paintbrushes, paper towels, spoons/forks/knives/straws, cardboard, etc. If you need these or any other supplies (we will make every attempt to purchase or procure them for your program if you request it) please indicate that below.

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