Scouting for Food--Sunday, November 15 & 17, 2012

We encourage all scouts and their parents to come to Sutter School at 6:00PM on Thursday, November 15—1 hour before the pack meeting. We will separate to 8-10 groups of scouts and parents to hang flyers on all the doors in the neighborhood requesting for them to leave can goods out on the following Saturday, November 17. Katherine Song, Sherry Ding, and Yan Chen will prepare the route maps for the groups to use. Please have your scout wear his uniform and bring flashlights as it will be dark. We really need parents to help us pick up the food from around the neighborhood on Saturday, November 17. If you and your son will be participating in Scouting for Food on Thursday, November 15 and/or Saturday, November 17, please use this form to RSVP. Katherine, Sherry, and Yan may need to contact you regarding the details of this event.
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