2013 Day Camp Overnight Registration Form

Parents/Guardians of 4th Grade and Older Campers: As part of the WAYZATA DAY CAMP, there is an optional overnight scheduled for Wednesday night, July 24, 2013. This overnight is for girls who are entering grade 4 and up in the fall. IS YOUR DAUGHTER READY FOR OVERNIGHT CAMPING? Outdoor experience, not age, determines whether a Girl Scout is ready for camping. Although your daughter may already have some outdoor skills, there is more to a successful overnight camping experience. READINESS QUESTIONS FOR YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER TO DISCUSS:  Is she OK staying overnight away from Mom & Dad AND sleeping outside in a tent?  Does she have a sense of humor, fun and adventure?  Does she have a willingness to try new things and meet new people?  Does she adapt well to new surroundings and new sounds?  Does she understand the concept of sharing the workload? (She will be expected to pitch in.)  Does she have an appreciation and respect for the outdoors?  Does she understand the importance of following the rules of equipment care?  Does she realize the importance of safety and hygiene?  Does she know that Girl Scouts leave a place better than they found it? We want your daughter, as well as the other girls, to have a happy experience and learn to be comfortable outdoors. To achieve this takes the cooperation and thoughtfulness of ALL girls. CAMP RULES • NO food, candy, gum or beverage of any kind will be allowed in tents/other-designated areas. • NO electronics. No exceptions. • NO tobacco, drugs or alcohol are allowed anywhere on the campgrounds. • NO girl will be allowed to leave the campgrounds while Day Camp/Overnight Camping is in session. (Emergency exceptions will be made with permission of the Camp Director.) • The buddy system will be used at all times by the girls while at camp. • May select 1 tent buddy. Others may be assigned as needed. (See adult sleeping information below.) • At the Camp Director's discretion, a parent/guardian will be called to come and pick up his/her daughter if these camp rules are violated. Again, discuss the READINESS QUESTIONS and CAMP RULES with your daughter before giving her permission to participate in overnight camping. If your daughter will be camping on Wednesday night, BOTH OF YOU MUST SIGN THE ENCLOSED FORM STATING THAT YOU HAVE READ, DISCUSSED AND UNDERSTAND THE QUESTIONS AND RULES. Questions? Please contact Michele Moy at michmoy@comcast.net or 763-546-4083.
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Camper, please read the Readiness Questions and Camp Rules. Once you have read them please discuss them with your parent/guardian.


Parent/Guardian, please read the Readiness Questions and Camp Rules. Once you have read them please discuss them with your daughter/camper.


In case of emergency, between 4:00 p.m. Wednesday July 24 and 8:00 a.m. Thursday, July 25, 2013, please supply contact information. If you are supplying someone other than yourself, be sure that the contact is aware of them being named/identified for emergency purposes!

Emergency Contact Information (NOT a parent/guardian)

Please provide an alternate contact WHO IS NOT the parent/guardian. We will only use this person in the event of an emergency and we are unable to reach to Parent/Guardian listed above.


If you are able to volunteer, you will need to help out and work in what ever way is needed. You DO NOT pay the $10 fee. Say "Yes" Below if you can volunteer on the overnight! Thanks! Please note the GSUSA policy regarding adults sleeping in a tent with girls: * It is not mandatory that an adult sleep in tent with the girls. If an adult female does share the sleeping area, there should always be two unrelated adult females present. * Adult males will be in a separate tent from the girls.


$10 per girl (any age) for registrations completed ON or BEFORE July 19th $15 per girl (any age) for registrations completed AFTER July 19th and BEFORE 5:30 p.m. on July 22nd. * ALL payments must be made/received by the above deadlines - whether via PayPal or check. NO REGISTRATIONS will be accepted after 5:30 p.m. on Monday, July 22nd. Checks should be made out to "WDC" and mailed to: Michele Moy 1100 Kirkwood Lane North Plymouth, MN 55441

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