Escape #2 Retreat Application Friday, Feb 8- Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013

Join other First-Year students for a fun get away and conversation about faith, friendships and the journey ahead at Fairfield University. Who: Open to all First Year Students What: A relaxed night away from campus Where: Camp Washington, Lakeside, CT (transportation provided) Cost: $35 (Contact Gregory to Request Financial Assistance) Contact: Gregory Vigliotta at or call (203) 254-4000 ext. 2415.
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The standard of conduct set forth in the Fairfield University Student Conduct Code (contained in the Student Handbook) and all University policies and procedures are applicable to the student while participating in any off-campus activity understanding that such compliance is important to the success of the event and to the University’s willingness to permit future similar activities. In addition, participants will be expected to adhere to the following: 1) To conform his or her conduct to the standards surrounding the event and assume responsibility for his or her own actions, understanding that the circumstances of an off-campus activity may require a standard of decorum which may differ from that applicable on campus. 2) To understand the financial commitment involved for participating in the event and assuming responsibility for maintaining the necessary financial records for the duration of the event. (i.e. saving original hotel/food receipts) Failure to maintain proper financial records may result in a student’s inability to be properly compensated for any covered costs. 3) To obtain and maintain such health, accident, disability, hospitalization and travel insurance as he or she may deem necessary for the event, and to be responsible for the costs of such insurance and for any expenses not covered by insurance. 4) To acknowledge that participation in the event is entirely voluntary, and that he or she is fully aware, having sought and obtained such information and advice as he or she feels are necessary and appropriate, that such participation involves risk of injury and property damage. 5) To follow any expectations and guidelines for this event as outlined by the Event Coordinator and/or Faculty Advisor. 6) I acknowledge that I am over 18 and that I understand and agree with all terms, expectations and requirements set forth in this document Additional expectations/guidelines: see letter/emails

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