Having Trouble Finding and Keeping a Good Job? ($100)

IDEO.ORG is looking for people of all ages in the Houston area to talk about experiences with employment for a research study. We are setting up 90-120 minute in-person conversations for Monday, February 4th through Friday, February 8th. You will be compensated $100 for your time. Learn more information about us here: www.ideo.org Please connect with us if… +You are currently unemployed +You work part-time but would like to work full-time + You have an unstable work history +You have been unemployed for over six months +You are unemployed and have given up looking for employment +You struggle to make ends meet and/or rely on government assistance to pay bills +You feel powerless to find a job or feel "unemployable" +You are currently happy with your employment but were un- or underemployed in the past +You have found creative ways of making ends meet or of finding employment +You were able to radically change something in your life to improve your employment +You are currently dissatisfied with your employment situation but have a plan to change your life +You worked or work with someone who is helping you to change your employment situation +You help others to find employment or to improve their employability +You work for an organization that works directly with employment issues +You are an expert in employment issues in the Houston area If you are interested in our project please fill out the following survey. We will be in touch soon if we feel you may be a fit for our study.
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