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University of Pittsburgh Presents "Evolution" May 31st - June 3rd Conference Cost: You will only be responsible for paying the travel cost of $215 Conference Time-Line: Applications Due: March 25th Conference Cost Due: April 15th (this date may change) (If you have already paid your conference cost, and can no longer go as conference time gets closer, you will most likely not be able to get your money back) In order to satisfy the requirements to receive the funding from RHA for the conference, each delegate must: 1. Submit a Conference Grant Funding to Student Senate 2. You must live in the residence halls. 3. You must be returning to the halls in the fall 2013 semester. 4. You have to be open minded, love school spirit and be ready for the time of your life!!!! 5. Fundraising is yet to be determined. It's conference time! The Intermountain Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (IACURH) is one of eight regions within the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). NACURH is a leadership conference you will have the opportunity to attend this summer. Over 400 schools from across the nation gather in one place! During the conference, students choose from a list of programs offered that will specialize in a wide range of categories which are: Get Fit: Leadership Track Co-operate: Team Building Track Adapt: Community Service Track/Sustainability Track Link Up: Diversity Track Don't Extinguish: Fun Program Track Additionally, you will have the unique opportunity to socialize and network with student leaders who share your similar passions from many other colleges and universities. Delegates to the conference will be exposed to new ideas for programming, community outreach, resident advocacy, development of leadership skills, social issues, and many more essential topics for student leaders. Besides programs and networking, school and regional spirit is the largest aspect of this conference. Imagine a stadium of college students decked out in their regional colors, wearing costumes, then add the energy of a rock concert and that's the idea. You will scream, holler, and cheer for UNC and IACURH all throughout the conference. Expect to leave with no voice. And there's even more! The NACURH "nightlife" offers students the best chance to meet one another and network. The activities for the conference include Luau Night, Movie Nights, Bowling, Swap Shop (where you can trade other schools' swag for yours), Nordy's Place, Be a Kid Night, Monte Carolo Casino, Hypnotist Bob Hein, Campus tours, Cathedral dance and more! With all of that being said, it's time to get this application started! If you have any question or concerns as to how awesome this conference will actually be, please contact Donovan as soon as possible at Looking for more information about the NACURH Conference? Visit NACURH 2013's website and video at: Please fill out the ENTIRE application. There are 3 parts...Basic Info, Medical Info, & Essay Questions! Application are due by MONDAY, MARCH 25th at 11:59PM
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a) Get Fit: Leadership Track b) Co-operate: Team Building Track c) Adapt: Community Service Track/Sustainability Track d) Link Up: Diversity Track e) Don’t Extinguish: Fun Program Track Check out the NACURH 2013 programing site for more info:

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