DIRECTIONS: Juniors and Seniors ONLY are permitted to park in GLHS designated lots. Read the application completely. MAKE SURE TO ENTER SUBMIT WHEN THE APPLICATION IS COMPLETED. If SUBMIT is not entered, your application will not be entered and there will be no proof that you applied for parking. Contact the ATTENDANCE OFFICE as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns about your submitted application. The Application DEADLINE is May 3, 2013. All late applicants will be placed on a waitlist. Parking at Lincoln High School, Clark Hall, and any other approved lot is a privilege extended on a limited basis. Students who are issued parking permits accept the responsibility of adhering to school policies and safe driving practices at all locations. Prior parking violations will be considered when assigning parking spots for the upcoming year. Students who DO NOT have their Drivers' Licenses should still apply for a parking permit. Students without a Driver’s License cannot be issued a parking permit until they receive their license but will be added to a waitlist. Of utmost importance is getting your completed application submitted in a timely manner. Date of application is sometimes a critical factor in the assignment of a parking spot. You will receive notification from our office once your application has been processed. Upon approval, a $45 parking permit fee will be added to your 2013-14 registration fees. A photocopy of your Driver's License and proof of Auto Insurance MUST be turned in at the time your parking permit is released.
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