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What is a Catalyst Trip? The mission of Catalyst is to use direct service to investigate questions of justice and community. Catalyst is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn and to contribute via service over spring break. The trips are open to all currently enrolled Hamline University students. Catalyst 2013 Sites Washington DC: Homelessness in the Heart of Our Country Come for a life-changing experience in Washington, D.C. this spring break! This group will work one-on-one with the homeless community by providing service and do political advocacy by visiting elected officials. Not only will students visit the heart of the country, but they will also experience the true DC - including the poor, the middle, and the upper classes. This trip may also include the opportunity to be a part of a 48 hour homeless challenge. New Orleans: Katrina Relief Through an Interfaith Lens Have you ever wondered what it would be like to begin a project with strangers and leave with a sense of community? This New Orleans trip will focus on working with communities through service projects and volunteering. Throughout the process, by seeing through a different lens, we will grow an experience spiritual insight about the meaning of service. White Earth, MN: Sustainable Food Systems and Land Rights Working with the White Earth Land Recovery Project, we will explore Food Justice and Restorative Land Justice issues from an Ojibwe perspective along with other religious perspectives. We will be work with community members while learning about sustainable communities, treaty rights, and the food justice movement. On past trips, we had the opportunity to tap for maple syrup, corn braiding, and farming techniques. Breaking Bread in San Francisco: Food Justice through Christian Perspectives On this trip, we will connect with three different, inclusive church communities to learn about hospitality and food justice in an urban context through service. We will also take time to reflect spiritually, as we walk the labyrinths at Grace Cathedral and talk together in the evenings. As a participant you’ll learn what it means to love your neighbors and make a difference-in San Francisco and locally back home. San Francisco: Queer in the Community Join us for an exciting and inclusive trip for LGBTQIAP-identified folk and allies alike! Together, we'll participate in the multi-faceted and dynamic queer community in San Francisco while exploring intersections of queer identity with poverty, race, religion, and more! Last, but definitely not least, we'll engage in Twin Cities and San Francisco based service efforts to give back to our community and make lasting connections! STRUCTURE Each trip will have a group of 12 people. The group is lead by 1-2 student leaders and a staff resource person. The staff resource person will be present and available for safety concerns throughout the trip. Washington DC, New Orleans, and San Francisco will fly to their destinations, White Earth will drive in a van. Each day will consist of doing direct service within the community, followed by reflection. Many trips also speak with elected officials, community activists, and take part in cultural activities. STUDENT FEES The student fee for Catalyst trips to DC, New Orleans, and San Francisco cost $300. The White Earth trip costs $150. Student fees are due by 1 / 29 / 2013. All other costs are covered by catalyst programs and fundraising efforts put on by all participants. SCHOLARSHIPS If you are in need of a scholarship for part of your student fee please contact Margot Howard A very limited amount of scholarships are available, please only inquire if you would otherwise not be able to attend the trip. Scholarship request due at the time of application. TRIP REFUNDS Due to the high cost of arraigning each trip, if you cancel after Jan 1, the cost of the plane ticket or student fee (whichever is higher) will be forwarded to your student account. NOTES TO CONSIDER Catalyst Trips are designed to be high-impact experiences. Each day will be packed full with service and experiential learning. The trips may put people outside of their comfort zones to encourage learning and growth through new and unique experiences. Many sites will stay in hostels and use public transportation. Days may include up to five miles of walking. Some sites may do service that includes, but are not limited to heavy lifting, repetitive movement, standing for long periods of time, working directly with community members, working in messy or dirt situations, etc.. Each trip does different types of service and one should be ready to work on anything. Catalyst Programs will do it's best to accommodate students needs, but it may not always be possible. Please email with any accommodation request as soon as they are known. REQUIRED PARTICIPATION Catalyst Students are expected to assist with fund raising efforts. Catalyst students MUST attend an orientation on January 29th, 2013. Catalyst Participants MUST attend a local service project with their group before and after their trip. Catalyst Participants MUST be a part of a group presentation about what they experienced on their trip. Catalyst Participant MUST be available for all of spring break: March 23rd-30th (trips are each 7-8 days long) CATALYST TRIP INVESTIGATION Our mission for the trips is to investigate questions of justice and community. Here are some questions that we hope you start to find answers to on the trip. Who am I in context of community? How do I take personal and collective action for justice? How do I challenge stereotypes and assumptions? What are we giving? How do I enter into a community that is new to me? How do I participate in community? How do I bring the justice work home? How can I open myself to urgent injustice and stay compassionate? How are justice issues interrelated? What balance of service and learning works for me? How do I accept or offer hospitality? CATALYST GOALS To help you to learn more about yourself within a direct service setting. Recognize values, flexibility and ability to work well in new situations. Learn useful organizational skills. Become more conscientious when dealing with diversity Increase the development of citizenship skills so that students make a difference in the local, state, national, and world communities.
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