Towson University Honors College Exit Survey: Class of 2013

Congratulations on your graduation! We are interested in learning about your post graduation plans and thoughts about your time in the Honors College. Please complete this survey prior to June 1. Thank you for taking time to complete this survey.

Post Graduation Plans

Honors College Curriculum

Written Communication Skills
Oral Communication Skills
Critical Thinking Skills
Civic Awareness
Expertise in my chosen field

Honors College Support

A broad array of interdisciplinary seminars
Opportunities for independent research
Opportunities for internships
Study abroad experiences
Opportunities to participate in service learning and community-building activities

Honors College Faculty

Encouraged class participation
Challenged my thinking
Made my honors courses different than my non-honors courses

Honors College

Honors College Alumni

The Honors College strives to attract some of the brightest students to Towson University. We are excited about all of the ways alumni can continue to be an active and important part of the Honors College community and the ongoing success of the Towson University Honors College.

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