Youth and Cops -- CAN WE TALK?

Most experts agree that African American and Latino youth make contact with the criminal justice and police systems at percentages that go far beyond their percentage of the general population. This imbalance -- or disproportion -- is viewed as a problem that must be addressed in many communities, including Norristown. On Saturday, Dec. 1, at Gotwals School, (1 East Oak Street), from 10am to 2pm, we are inviting over 200 youth, ages 12 to 18 to come and share their real feelings about cops and for cops to finally hear and respond to what they have to say. We want to tear down walls of mistrust, and forge better understanding of the positive roles of police in our community. TO REGISTER, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM. THANK YOU! If you have more than one child, register each one separately. THANK YOU!
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