Kalu Yala Entrepreneurial Internships Application

In case you were wondering, it's pronounced Kah-loo Yah-la Before you fill in this application, please read the Information Program Packet. In it, you'll find program descriptions, housing descriptions, program costs, and the all important FAQs page. Information packets can be found on our website under "Program Information": http://kaluyalainternships.com/ Tuition: $4,995 for 11 weeks Tuition includes: Housing, Meal Plan, Project Supplies, Program Director and as much help as we can offer before, during and after the program. If accepted, we will need a $500 deposit to hold your spot within 2 weeks of confirming your intent to join us. If you need to work out a payment plan for the remainder please let us know as quickly as possible. That being said, if you have any questions, talk to Kate at internships@kaluyala.com. She's pretty awesome and is full of useful information!
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Agriculture and Animal Science in Kalu Yala
Business Development and Entrepreneurship in Panama City
Community Outreach and Education in San Miguel
Outdoor Recreation in Kalu Yala
Health and Wellness in San Miguel & Kalu Yala
Biology in Kalu Yala
Farm-To-Table Culinary Arts in Kalu Yala

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