UM Alternative Breaks Fall Break Application 2012

Due: Friday, September 7, 2012 by 11:59PM Instructions: 1. Please fill out the application and submit. 2. Pay in full by September 26th, 2012 at 5 PM in the Butler Center for Service and Leadership, UC 240. ONLY CREDIT CARDS AND DEBIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
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Personal Information

Mission and Vision of University of Miami Alternative Breaks

Mission: UM Alternative Breaks seeks to provide diverse quality alternative breaks that focus on issue-specific education, strong direct service, reflection, and reorientation in order to engage participants in their local, national and global communities. Vision: UM Alternative Breaks’ vision is a community at the University of Miami of active citizens: people who value the community as a priority when making life choices.

Participant Responsibilities

Responsibilities: - Understand the mission of Alternative Breaks, and understand your role as a participant - Attendance and Participation at all events(weekly meetings, fundraisers, movement-wide programs, family-style events, pre-trip service, post-trip service etc.): repeated tardiness and/or 2 or more unexcused absences may jeopardize your standing as a participant. - Follow all University policies, and obey all local, state and federal laws - Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited, and you are expected to adhere to and maintain the no alcohol or drug policy while participating in UMAB.

What to expect

The Calendar: August 31, 2012: Mandatory Fall Break Infosession* September 5, 2012: Mandatory Fall Break Infosession* September 7, 2012: Application Due September 10, 2012: Mandatory Fall Break Infosession* September 12, 2012: Participants Announced September 14, 2012: Participants confirm acceptance September 16, 2012: Kick-off September 26, 2012: LAST DAY TO PAY IN FULL September 28, 2012: Car Wash Fundraiser; 3-6PM September 28, 2012: LAST DAY TO DROP October 25, 2012: Bon Voyage; 7-9PM October 26-28, 2012: FALL BREAK! November 2, 2012: Welcome Back November 10, 2012: Reorientation September 17, 2012-November 5, 2012: Weekly meetings Semester Long: Fundraisers, program-wide events etc. *You only need to attend one mandatory infosession. **All dates are subject to change Weekly Meetings: Each week after kick-off you will meet with your group for approximately an hour. These weekly meetings will not only help you to get to know your group but they will also educate you on the social justice issue you chose. The meetings provide a great time for you to discuss the issue with your groups and also develop your own ideas. This education portion of Alternative Breaks will allow you to see the importance of and contexualize the service work you will be doing during Spring Break weekend and will ultimately, lead to a more impactful experience! Reorientation: UMAB is a catalytic experience. After Spring Break we will host a Reorientation event where you can translate what you learned on your trips back into your respective communities. All the groups will take part in the "Reorientation" service day as well as welcome back and later meet on campus to discuss their experiences and how they can continue to grow as active citizens. Transportation:Fall break trips take place in Florida. **Please indicate if you have a legitimate reason why you cannot drive or sit in a car for long periods of time. Accommodations: UMAB practices the “Simple Living” Philosophy. We try our best to find housing that fits the needs of all participants at the lowest cost possible. These accommodations can range from hostels to churches to camping. All housing will include a safe place to sleep, showers & bathrooms, and a kitchen area for meal preparation. Costs: Pay in full by September 26th, 2012 at 5 PM in the Butler Center for Service and Leadership, UC 240. ONLY CREDIT CARDS AND DEBIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Payments will only be accepted Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-6pm in UC 240. The total cost to the Participant for the Fall Break 2012 Alternative Break trip is $75. (All site leaders and participants are required to fundraise as well.) The remainder of the costs has been fundraised or provided by SAFAC. * Site leader/Participant is solely responsible for any unexpected costs on the trip that are not of an emergency nature. For example: traffic tickets, cost of plane ticket if missed, cost of transportation home if alcohol policy is breached by the student, and all other preventable costs incurred during the trip. Site Leaders should report any of said instances to Co-Chairs as soon as possible. **No refunds will be given after September 28th.

Social Justice Issues

Environmental Issues/ Education and Advocacy: Restore natural habitats, build and restore trails, and remove invasive species. Learn about the importance of ecosystems for animals and humans. Discover how the environment impacts societal issues. Women's Issues/Human Trafficking: Serve as a mentor, learn about prevention tactics and indicators for the trafficking of minors, and participate in anti-gang and anti-bully educational activities. Learn about methods of prevention in sex trafficking. Discover your role in combating sex trafficking. Cultural Issues/Immigration: Tutor and mentor students from immigrant families. Learn about immigration and farmworker-related issues through service and community interaction. Discover how you ca become involved with immigration advocacy in our one communities. Children's Issues/Poverty: Mentor and empower youth in an underserved community. Learn how education is affected by poverty. Become an advocate for positive change in underserved communities.

Issue Ranking

Please rank the following issues: (4 being the most preferred and 1 being the least preferred)

Free Response Questions

Fall Break 2011 Participant Contract

I will be participating in Alternative Fall Break through the University of Miami Alternative Breaks Program from October 26-28, 2012. I understand that as a participant I have the following responsibilities: --I will lead, attend and actively participate in weekly participant group meetings as determined by the site leader and group, and will do so leading up to the Fall Break trip. Meeting times should be selected based on what is best for the group as a whole. --I will attend all movement-wide events. --Submit all paperwork, insurance forms, payments, and requested documentation by the prescribed dates set forth by UMAB. --Complete all emergency contact information in addition to all University associated trip waivers and emergency-related paperwork. --Follow all local, state, and federal laws while traveling with UMAB. --Participant and Site Leader assignments are final, and participants will not be afforded the flexibility to change their trips based on issue, location, etc. --Participate in fundraisers to subsidize the total cost of all trips affiliated with the program --Actively and appropriately participate in reflections, teambuilders, group-bonding and all group activities during my Alternative Break trip through UMAB. --Finance the cost of the trip according to the deadlines. --I will notify the UMAB Site Leaders a minimum of 48 hours in advance of any absences via email and phone. In the event that timely notification is not possible, notification is still expected. However, notification does not mitigate any potential consequences associated with the absence, and it remains my responsibility to obtain all missed information. --If I am unable to attend the trip, I will inform the UMAB Co- Chairs as soon as possible. (Email --If I notify the Co-Chairs that I will be unable to attend my trip after September 28, 2012, then I will be responsible for paying the remaining balance and fees to UMAB. --If I notify the Co-Chairs that I will be unable to attend my trip before September 28, 2012, UMAB will obtain an alternate participant. --I understand that this trip is founded on a drug and alcohol free premise. Any related behaviors involving alcohol or illegal drug use will NOT be tolerated. I will be referred to the Dean of Students Office and will be subject to University of Miami disciplinary actions upon my return. Students engaging in these behaviors will offer restitution benefits to UMAB based on a sliding scale determined by site location. --I understand the simple living philosophy and will abide to it during my alternative break. --Alternative breaks strives to foster an equal sense of group dynamics. Any clique formations or relationships that do not include the entire group will not be tolerated.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

I hereby pledge that I will not possess, use, consume, or distribute any amount of alcohol or possess, use, or distribute any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia while a member participating in University of Miami Alternative Breaks. Regardless of age or location, there will be no alcohol consumed at any point on the trip. If I am removed from the program, it will be at my own expense and I would thereby relinquish any refund of the participant fee of $75.00. I acknowledge that failure to abide by the University of Miami Alternative Break Drug and Alcohol Policy and/or the University of Miami Student Rights and Responsibilities will result in referral to The Dean of Students Office for judicial action.

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