Santa Cruz County Coastal Cleanup Day Pre-Registration 2013

Groups and individuals can register with this form. Online registration helps make the check in process on the day of the cleanup much faster. If your site isn't listed on this form, it has been closed because there are already enough volunteers signed up for that site which means we recommend volunteering at a different site that is more in need of volunteers. View all sites in Santa Cruz County here: UPDATE 9/6: 1) Sunset Beach is now accepting volunteer registration: the current number of volunteers for that site is 80 2) All 10 of the free kayak spaces for Monterey Bay Kayaks at the Wharf have been taken. Volunteers could still rent a kayak for the day UPDATE 9/13: 1) Currently, the volunteer registration for Seacliff State Beach is 136 and Rio Del Mar Beach 103. If you want to pick a site where there will be more work to do and fewer people in one area, please choose a different site from the list. UPDATE 9/17: 1) Registration for the free kayaks has been closed - if you would to *rent* a kayak at one of the previously advertised kayak cleanups in Monterey or Santa Cruz, contact Shaun You'll have to contact the kayak store directly to check on availability for Saturday so no guarantees can be made. 2) Seaclifff State Beach now has 157 volunteers registered for the Day. Please strongly consider going to a different beach as there will be little room and little trash for any others to pick up. Thanks. In an effort to spread our volunteer effort to beaches and rivers most in need, please consider attending Coastal Cleanup Day at one of the less-cleaned beaches or a river site (rivers are generally for adults or teens). In Santa Cruz County, this generally means beaches in the north and south parts of the county such as Greyhound Rock Beach, Davenport Landing, Waddell Creek, and Bonny Doon Beaches in the north and Palm Beach and Dolphin and Sumner at Seascape in the south as well as 21st Ave. Corcoran Lagoon and Pleasure Point at the Hook in the vicinity of Live Oak and Capitola. River sites in need of help include San Lorenzo River & Water St. Bridge, San Lorenzo River at Laurel / Broadway, Soquel Creek at Soquel Village, Aptos Creek at Aptos Village Park, and Carbonara Creek at Market & Avalon. If you would like suggestions about where your help could really be used (at an extra-dirty or infrequently cleaned site), please email Shaun at before filling the form out. Thank you!
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