2013 TeamGym Judges' Exam

DIRECTIONS All of the 50 exam questions refer to the TeamGym Regulations posted on USA Gymnastics Online. See: http://usagym.org/pages/group/pages/teamgym_regs.html Examinees will be questioned on rules and guidance contained in the following documents: A. 2013 TeamGym Regulations B. Summary of 2012 Jump Passes for Levels 1-7 C. 2013 Awards and Hosting D. 2013 Apparatus/Equipment Descriptions and Specifications E. Squad Pass Description Forms and F. Judge's Working Tariff Forms • You are required to input your USA Gymnastics Pro number when submitting the exam. • Select the one best answer for each of the questions below. • A passing grade is 90% (45 correct responses out of 50). • You will be notified by email after the exam has been graded. • There is no charge to take this exam. • If you do not receive a passing score, you may retest at your convenience. • Upon successful completion of the exam you will be included on TeamGym Judge List. http://usagym.org/pages/group/pages/teamgym_judge_list.html • The 50 question exam is based upon the 2011-12 Rules documents which are posted online. http://usagym.org/pages/group/pages/teamgym_regs.html
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