OP 2012: Career Panelist's Information Form

Please use the form below to submit your panelist information for the New Student Career Panels. Complete this form in full and submit by Monday, April 30, 2012. Program moderators will reach out to panelists using the information provided. Please complete this form EXACTLY as you would like to see the information in print in conference collateral and in the resource guide.
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Panelist's Biography

Panelist's Photo

We will need a photo to include with your biography. Please email the panelist's photo to caged@cgsm.org. The preferred file formats for electronic photos are .jpg, .tif, .gif and .bmp. A digital photo, or any photo that has been scanned, needs to have a resolution of 300 dpi and be 2x3 inches in physical size.

Secondary Contact Information

Please complete this section if a secondary contact at the sponsoring company needs to be cc: on correspondence regarding the Career Panel.


Please contact Denise Cage, Application Processor at (314)877-5512 or caged@cgsm.org.

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