2011 Purdue Classic Housing Form

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How It Works

Availability is severely limited. Be sure to look into hotel options while they are available. http://www.purdueballroom.org/classic/hotels.html Often, our team is able to find local volunteers and team members who are willing to share space. This could be as simple as an available spot on a floor, or as elaborate as a guest bedroom. This does not include food. We try to ensure there is at least a roof, a door, a space to sleep upon, and a place to shower. This takes a lot of effort from our housing team. To help them, please have a team representative complete a request below, so we can estimate how much begging for volunteers we will need to do. We are also working on securing reasonable rates for at least one nearby hotel. FIRST-PAID, FIRST-SERVED To be sure we assign to people who actually are coming, and to encourage early registration, housing will be assigned in the order payment is received.