TimestampBeing able to sort my contacts in many different ways is important to me.If you answered 3, 4, or 5 for the question above, why is sorting you contacts in many different ways important to you?I liked that when I chose a contact category, I could see the category title in the search input.Having hierarchical categories for contacts is not something I really need.If you answered 1 or 2 for the last question, why do you feel you need hierarchical categories for contacts?Additional comments


10/2/2012 16:06:50135


10/2/2012 17:19:365More from clean up...as time progresses address book tends to grow. So filtering by say last updated, group it belongs to, belongs to no group etc tells me what is old.

42Its not extremely important. But there are case where it helps in sorting out clutter.

Rather i would say categories = search criteria.

Its some times like this.....All my "Company colleague" (most of them just exist because they have to) and there is close colleague. So i nest them.
Nice start. addressbook is very important part of daily communication. Thanks for working on TB ...


10/2/2012 17:42:184It's helpful when trying to put together distribution lists--sorting via email address can help with finding people in a certain org, sorting by last name helps find family members.
33For contact list maintenance, it would be helpful to be able to filter or sort on, say, contacts with no phone number, or no email address, or no picture.


10/2/2012 17:53:26234Why can't I show more than one tag at once? I expected the tag list to be a list of checkboxes.

The tag list needs to show what's selected.

Showing the tag title in the search box might be something geeks want, but I doubt most people are going to want that...this might be a good usage of a grandmother test.

Up and down arrows should select the next/previous contact.

I'd love some contacts with more information than a single email address...what information is going next to the picture, for example?


10/2/2012 19:17:593Sorting by name (first or last) is always ok for 90% of use cases. And for the 10% remaining, you need others fields. But those fields may not be stored in the addressbook (date of last meeting, etc)13- when I choose the contact category, I'm disturbed to see it's name inside the search field. The category's name should be beside.

- I have no real opinion about hierarchical categories : on my Mac AddressBook I created only one level. Until today, I ghad no need for more levels, but it may change. But what's missing are tools to manipulate those categories :
- "what's the difference between cat A an B ?"
- "create a new cat with items from A but not from B"
- union, intersection, difference, compare, merge...

- synchronisation is something that should be at the first version and out-of-the-box :
- synch with smartphones or tablets (iOS/Android) or other tb shoud not need a special account (gmail for ex) : just download "tb for smartphone" and voila, the addressbook is synchronized
- the addressbook should have a default sync icon (two spinning arrows) to force sync when user wants
- thunderbird for Ubuntu shoud integrate directly with UbuntuOne
- the u1db may be a response to that problem (http://packages.python.org/u1db/)


10/2/2012 19:25:564Sometimes I want to be able to group (via sort) everyone within an "Organization".41Because it can emulate the then missing address books and lists (e.g., within my "Children" address book, I have lists for parents of child-1's classmates, parents of child-2's classmates, parent teachers representatives of child-1's school-1, parent teachers representatives of child-1's school-1, teachers of child-1, teachers of child-2. All these are UNDER the address book called Children.

Similarly, I will need to be able to find all my tax advisers for my company (versus the tax advisers for me privately).
Why are you messing with the UI? It looks oversimplified, and I'm afraid you will remove stuff long-time and other users want to keep. Thunderbird didn't need instant messaging and it doesn't need an address book overhaul. There are much more pressing issues with this failing product.

Please fix the real problems that are causing Thunderbird to fail to gain market share. Add syncing for the address books and Lists (like Firefox's bookmarks). Integrate Lightning into Thunderbird. Make the fonts and formatting more robust. Add CardDAV. Allow n e-mail and post addresses.

There is so much to do that would actually make Thunderbird attractive to more users.


10/2/2012 20:29:23253Looking good! I like all of the new changes.


10/2/2012 21:11:543Actually, it is NOT important to me, BUT I can see where it COULD be with additional descriptive fields.

Right now my Personal Address Book is sorted apparently on 'display name'
Last name first would be useful.

42Presently "Personal Address Book" is my default category.
I can see where it would be useful to have sub categories, which would create a tree hierarchy.
The Address Book isn't my first concern* for Thunderbird. However, ONE thing I would LIKE to be able to do FROM the Address Book is tag entries for mailing label printing - to my Dymo LabelWRiter 400/450 Turbo/Twin Turbo printers.

For example "Christmas mailing"

Right now I have nothing that will print MULTIPLE labels to the Dymo. I must do each one manually (I'm running Ubuntu 11.04, do the Dymo software is out - never got it to run under a VM).

*I'd VERY much like, for example, for Thunderbird to use something like LibreOffice Write for composing as Microsoft Outlook does Word! That would provide autocorrect and autocomplete, among other features.


10/2/2012 21:35:585Sorting may also mean filtering via explicit tags or content/data in fields. For example, if you have a very large address book (I have over 2200 entries dating back to the 1990s) it may be useful to sort by date added or last updated .. you are including the date added and updated as distinct data fields, right?51The category "work" might have contacts from different employer groups. Some of those might not have any explicit data about their employer in the record ... just the notion they are a "work" contact.I am a loyal Thunderbird and gcontactsync user. The address book has long been the weakest part of Thunderbird. Thank you for taking on this sizable and important task!


10/2/2012 21:50:353Ability to sort by last name or first name is most important to me.51So that I can make a group of people and email everyone in that group. Or in very large groups, the ability to search with a group is great.Keep charging straight ahead. This is definitely going in the right direction and it keeps getting better every time I see it.


10/2/2012 22:11:334If by sort you mean search and find a contact, then yes it is important.

If by sort you mean use the address book like phone book and manually find the contact, then no sort is not that important

I suppose a logical listing of names would be expected after you type in a few letters in search and then start looking for the name that matches.
45I agree hierarchical categories are not needed if non-hierarchical tags are available. (And assuming that hierarchical categories are imported as tags when upgrading).

I don't use tags or categories enough to need any hierarchical or even logical structure. I suppose if someone was using dozens of tags a hierarchical structure might help keep them organized.
I accidentally typed in "tag:favorites" and noticed that it displayed several contacts even though "favorites" is not listed in the tag drop-down menu (only "tag:my-favourites" should work)

Some sort of autocomplete for tags would be helpful to avoid typos. See how Gmail handles autocomplete of labels for some ideas. Command line style autocomplete would also work.

I noticed that "tag:baseball-team tag:my-favourites" does not work. (It should display contacts that have both tags. For your sample data it would include Alueche Meléndez Huerta and Clovis Malave Medrano)

If you go to "tag:baseball-team" select Clovis then go to "tag:my-favourites" I would expect "Clovis" to remain selected (appear in bold in the contact list)

Ability to select multiple names in the contact list (and send them all an email) would be useful. Currently can only select one contact at a time.

It might be useful to bold text that matches the search word (similar to search engine results), since some of the matches are less obvious. For example if I type in "tel" it matches all the contacts (because of the email address) rather showing particular names that match "tel". Searching everything is useful, but there probably needs to be a way to limit the search to names only (maybe something like "name:tel")


10/2/2012 22:21:235I am not sure that this would qualify as 'sorting', it is more like filtering/searching. It is always about finding the contact you need and as soon as you have e.g. 500 contacts as in the mockup, this is not simple. What I would really like to see is the 'quick filter' from the message tab working in the adressbook tab as well - and it should search/filter by all fields. One of the most annoying features of the current TB addressbook is that if I e.g. get a phone number (such as Hullomail missed call), I have no way of checking whether I have a contact in my adressbook, which I find absurd.

With regards to how the name is displayed, I would prefer a display field, not, as suggested by some, simply a fisrtname-surname order. The reason is simple: I store contacts from various countries/languages and not all use the same order and I would also like to store my close friends by nickname.
43Actually I may not need hierarchical categories if I can filter according to multiple fields (perhaps an advanced option, as this is rarely needed). The usefulness is e.g. finding a contact whose name you have forgotten.Congratulations, you have taken on a long overdue and as I can judge difficult job. This essential TB development is one of the few needed ones to keep TB the best email client - and it could play major part in developing TB into a 'communicator' that would not only be an excellent Outlook replacement but also the hub of one's social networking - the essential thing is to have everything about a particular contact in the same place.

Well done, I hope to be able to use this new address book soon - I don't even mind if it crashes sometimes :-)


10/2/2012 22:40:224Mostly to be able to find a contact without using a keyboard / doing it while browsing the available contacts to juggle my memory.

(For contexts where I am going to be using a keyboard anyway - such as mail composition - I expect to be able to get autocomplete-style suggestions instead, in which case the contact UI isn't used)
32Because it makes it easier to focus my thoughts - I want to mail the person at the bank... which bank? That one with the mortgage. What's his name again? Time to start browsing search results...

While it's possible to do this with single specific tags ("Bank of Bob"), this would end up littering the category-browsing UI with lots of choices, making _that_ in turn harder to use.
For the categories, it would be useful to somehow right-align the tag, or turn them into little widgets, or something, so that I can click/type into the search box without worrying about modifying the tag.

It might be useful to do prefix searches for tags when modifying it from the search box, so 1) useful results show up faster, and 2) don't have to worry about correct spelling as much.


10/2/2012 23:20:195I like to have a detailed view or a full picture view, depending on what i am trying to do. A big grid gives me a better overview, while details on another pane is easier while navigating for especific information.53Better 3rd party services integration is imprtant and highly needed these days.


10/3/2012 1:34:424I'm not sure about many different ways, but at least by Organization and (coming) tags, possibly combined.
Typically usable for finding a bunch of people and then multi-select + compose
25Bold for selection is really non-standard widget behaviour and will look weird anywhere but on a webpage. Didn't particularly like it there either.


10/3/2012 1:51:245Fast searching for important contacts ... they are on top53


10/3/2012 2:49:105I often find my contact without using the search field...34


10/3/2012 6:08:10254When a contact is selected, could we navigate between contacts using up/down arrows so I can have a quick overview of different contacts (e.g: I want to see all my clients info to know if I have their mobile/birthday/whatever...) also, it feels intuitive to be able to navigate with arrow keys in such a list.

Very nice mock up!


10/3/2012 7:07:28153The blinking throbber is annoying while typing in the search field. I would suggest showing it only if updating the display is going to take more than a second.


10/3/2012 7:23:533It depends on the sorting criteria. I see a great benefit in sorting by "Time since last conservation" or "Contacts with most conservations".44It should match to the categories of Google Contacts (Android).
I thing the visualisation of the selected group should be improved, maybe a second line with additional selection criterias should appear below the text field in this case
The photos in the left list are far too small, this is waste of display space. The Android Contacts had also a big border, but they reduced it to a single pixle heigth in version 4.0 ICS. Screenshot: http://androidflip.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/19galaxynexusscreenshots_thumb.jpg

In my opinion, this makes the images much more usable and the layout looks nice too.

An other interesting idea can be seen on the following Screenshot:
It uses the height right to the picture by showing some additional information.


10/3/2012 8:43:375Because I don't always sort by just one field. The one YOU choose may not be the one I want ! Sometimes I can't remember exactly what I'm searching for (it's an age thing !!) and being able to browse in different ways makes it much easier to find something.

It can depend on how the Name is formatted (and that depends on if it is collected or manually added, or possibly imported) - e.g. just First name, just Last name or maybe both. Sometimes I can remember a company but no the name of an employee.

Equally I sometimes sort by email addresses. Or Companies. Particularly when editing or 'managing' my Contacts

52People group things according to their needs. Mine are different from those of my wife, or someone I work with. It makes things easier to find when you can't always exactly remember.Categories - Once selected you should clear the search box and 'Title' the selected contacts.


Search box : 'clear'

Selected Category : My Favourites


This leaves the box clear and ready for another search. I kept having to delete the line :
tags:My_Favourites or whatever all the time.

I have always used the Contacts Sidebar when it hasn't been broken by continuous upgrades. I would love it as an integrate 'Option/View' rather than an add on.


10/3/2012 11:28:235I routinely communicate with subsets of multiple constituencies, across multiple address books.

When these are frequent communications, I can create a mailing group -- but they frequently are NOT frequent/regular communications, and I need to efficiently sort, select and communicate with these "one off" lists.


10/3/2012 14:00:415If I can sort Many different way, I could find the contact without have separate address books for different companies or organizations 42Just not neededI Tested my Thunderbird with LDAP server at the University of Wisconsin and was very pleased !!!
Have not been able to get it installed on my server yet (still working on it).
Not sure how you add a new entry into LDAP from the Thunderbird addressbook.

But this should make a great unified address location for all company computers.

Thanks for your work.


10/3/2012 14:18:0151 st by name - yes, like everybody
2 nd by city, phone number, ... to find anyone with only parts of the total contact's information
11I really need that to have groups and sub groups and sub sub groups, .. like SPORTS/TEAM1, SPORTS/Team2, UNIVERSITY/COLLEAGUES, UNIVERSITY/STUDENTS, UNIVERSITY/STUDENTS/GROUP1, UNIVERSITY/STUDENTS/GROUP2, ...1st: Great, that you start the redesign/reinvention of the address book

It would be a great idea to have a solution as "a real addressbook", not only for use as a pool of email addresses in tgunderbird, but havethe possibility to insert even al contacts, that have no email, ...
should/could also be base for synchronisation with my cell phone.


10/3/2012 15:03:275I regularly sort columns by Phone Number, so I can scan down to find customers who's number has been left on my answerphone but who have not left a message. This allows me to call them back. The loss of ability to search by Phone Number would be a deal breaker for me.53Sorry, I don't understand the term 'hierarchical categories'.Personally, the current column layout makes the best use of the width of the screen to display a large amount of information at once. Could that be an optional view?

I don't see the practical need for such a large area to be set-aside for a photo.

The 'Other' tab in the current Address Book - to add notes about a contact is also very important.

The 'Get Map' button for contacts with an address is very useful.


10/3/2012 17:15:57225In the present address book I can run throug contacts and find addresses and phone numbers without 'opening' each contact. I find that very useful. Will this version do the same?


10/4/2012 3:13:044Because when I search for contacts I might not remember much so having more than one way to sort will help me find these more efficiently.45


10/5/2012 2:36:54215I would like to have the integration to gnome contacts,,,,
or an evolution integration...
And making lists of people so that i can mail them at once


10/8/2012 6:15:565Sometimes you wanna lookup somebody, you can't remember the name, but you know to which content group/tag he/she belongs. (prospect, supplier, sports club x, ....).

You can select groups / tags to send an e-mail to or a letter*.

*Hopefully, it will work out to utilize the new TB contacts (AB) with LibreOffice (and alike).

Very important is the preference of sorting by "First Name" or by "Family Name".
While it seems common in the US to sort by first name, in Europe AB's are often sorted by family name. But might also be a personal preference.
Else the some prefere the Display name (some contacts are corporations and not persons.)

32Structuring information is important.

For grouping, for selecting, for utilizing (sending e-mails, letters, etc.) and in general to have a better overview.

However, a good implemented tag system and tag filtering system could make hierarchical tags/categories less needed or obsolete.
But it would require filters with AND and OR function.
(eg Showing people which have the "client" AND the "favorite" tag. Or showing people which have the "client" OR the "supplier" tag.)
In order to better see the actual status of the AB:
Could you have one contact (preferable at the beginnen somewhere), which has most of the fields filled out.
Especially the location of the notes section is important.
(Is it also next to the contact information, like many other systems have like google contacts.)

And thanks for your great work. :-)


10/8/2012 7:08:205important to me is:
sorting by name, category, city and/or zip code, country, birthday, organisation (fields based on old addressbook)

Simply to have the possibility to find contacts in different ways for different situations.
53I would like to see some details in the blue area (top right) under the name
- category
- address details
- phone numbers and mail addresses

An optional selection which fields should be displayed would be nice.
Maybe a open html view for an individual design (contact display)?

Thanks for working on a new modern addressbook !! :)


10/8/2012 9:18:00233Most importantly for me is to have one contact in which the informations from many services (e.g. Adressbook, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) come together.


10/8/2012 9:33:08142Hierarchical categories more closely resemble the hierarchical structure in an organization.

The same can of course be achieved with tags, but then the UI has to be more powerful (e.g. allow easy search for multiple tags, and allow to easily assign multiple tags)

Basically I need some way to find "IT" -> "Windows" -> "Favorite Contact Person" :)
The logic for marking the selected entry is somewhat buggy.

In FF, try to
* click the first entry
* press LMB on the first entry, move the mouse to the 2nd entry, release
-> nothing is selected anymore


10/8/2012 14:35:414With a huge number of contacts it makes sense to have several sorting options.32I have a category for people who ordered a calendar - It makes sense to be able to select all or choose a year.To be able to search emails and right click the (selected?) search result and choose add to adress-book.
Being able to select mails (or a folder) and choose to add the sender to an adress-book is something that is really missing now! Seems there was a plugin back in 2010 but its not working now.


10/9/2012 7:50:394I don't really know what "many" ist, but at the very least, sorting for First Name or Last Name is important (for some people/contacts I primarily refer to them by last name, for others by first name).
Additionally, for some contacts I neither have the first nor the last name, but only something like "XYZ Inc.". So you have to find a way to sort a contact when both first & last name fields are empty.
33While accents are ignored when sorting, they don't seem to be ignored when searching. Might want to change that.


10/9/2012 8:31:333Already answered in another feedback.33Already answered in another feedback.Above questions already answered in another feedback.

This is probably advanced functionality and thus too early here, but you might want to consider the implementation of automatically grabbing contact photos from Facebook, Google+, and similiar services (via Plug-Ins?). It's a rather awkward task to find & store photos for each contact in order to populate the address book (so mine have always been empty in Thunderbird - and I guess I am not the only one).

Potentially - but not as important - the same thing could be done for other fields as well (addresses, phone numbers, etc) in order to keep them up-to-date.


10/10/2012 5:17:47234Being able to sync contacts across my work, home, laptop etc is very important to me.


10/10/2012 8:56:425To get a sense of trends, patterns or to see what doesn't fit. Search is useful when you know what you are looking for. Being able able to sort helps you discover what you don't know to search for.42I don't but I can see how someone else might. To each his own.The weakest point for the address book has always been it's lack of solid support for synchronizing with hosted sources. It has poor LDAP support (no editing) and no native synchronization for popular cloud services.

People have multiple devices these days and the ability to use the same contacts across all devices is really key. I like that when I add a contact on my phone it gets added to my Gmail contacts and vice-versa. I can go to any computer and access my mail and contacts. That might be harder with a traditional email client like Thunderbird but it would be extremely useful if it was more like that.

I like what I see but I hope that there is more that I don't see.