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14/8/2012 20:35:39Michael MartinBeijingMichael Martinhttp://www.box.com/s/x2x7lg6dcemjrzibyksxMy tune this month is my latest original, inspired by Chinese friends and by what they tell me about their home country. I recorded this the night of the day I wrote it about three weeks ago, recording with my $10 pawnshop plywood dread, because it was made in China. Two guitar tracks. Also some tambo and egg shaker in there. All tracks through AT2020 condensers into a Fostex VF80 8-track.


If I wade all the way ‘cross the Yongding River
Soak my socks and shoes/saturate my hopes and fears
Could I sit beside you on the riverbank in the sun
Dry my feet and dry your tears

Separated by the ages and the oceans
All your provinces greet the morning one by one
On the other side savanna all aglow in the dark
As the moon adores the sun

Every picture tells a story
Every story tells a lie
Every breaking dawn another morning glory
I will love you ‘til I die

When the thunderstorms crash above the Xishan
You'll no longer be a stranger in a stranger land
When the snow falls softly down in Beijing
I will be there close at hand


24/8/2012 20:52:20Sir Cecil Figg Silk Dress & Straw HatSir Cecil Figghttp://www.marcellis.net/music/Silk_Dress_and_Straw_Hat_by_Marc_Ellis3.mp3This is a synth composition I play my big archtop on. It's not an acoustic-only
recording. I post it because there's an acoustic guitar recording trick I used
on it. Some people here might want to try it.


Starting on the descending chord runs you hear starting at 0:50 or so, I double-tracked triads on my archtop - 1 octave apart & panned them.
One side is played starting on the 12th fret. One side is played starting on the 5th.

Interestingly, the end result doesn't sound like a 12 string. It has an almost glassy sound. I don't know why. I did not expect that. But I'm pleased.

(Working title: Silk Dress & Straw Hat)

You hear my big archtop via a Kent Armstrong mini-humbucker, Lexicon 115 tremolo and the chorus/reverb on my Roland AC60 acoustic amp from the very start to the end. And you hear a couple of synths.

The big archtop w/tremolo has really become a part of my sound.


34/8/2012 20:53:21recordingtrack1BarneyMac McAnallyhttp://vom.infocusreviews.com/index....k1/Barney2.mp3My version of Barney. Written by Mac McAnally on his first album. Recorded on my Taylor 315 using an AT2020 microphone and a Tascam DP008. I recorded it this earlier this evening. It took a couple of tries to get through it. It's rough, but good enough to get the message across.

I hope you like. At least pay attention to the lyrics. Personally, I'd rather be like Barney, than not.....


Happy Easter VOM'ers. I'm looking forward to listening to everyone's stuff.


44/8/2012 20:54:51g6120Falling HardPitar - Lyrics, g6120 - Musichttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-ozbTH9DHM&feature=player_embeddedPitar wrote these lyrics and I put them to music just now for this VOM


54/8/2012 20:55:57hypcollector smallcase thypcollector?http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page...ongID=11542504..good morning. nothing left but an earthly robe. he was gone, gone, gone. yes he was gone, gone gone.....anyway, submitting smallcase t to the virtual round.


smallcase t

we walk this earth carefully,
concerned for ourselves.
we take measured steps,
and expect payment.

we don't notice the others hurting,
only the pain of our own scars.
we satisfy our dessert desires,
while children go hungry.

we travel the globe,
cameras at the ready. proof that we've been near a place that is known. a drink of pride to the accomplishment. water, spoiled by scotch. seeking the curve of the horizon with an unlevel mind, the smallcase t our only escape. our only alibi.


64/8/2012 20:57:00Terry Allan Hall Easter1Terry Allan Hall http://terryallanhall.com/easter1.mp3Just a silly parody on a couple of secular Easter tunes, recorded quickly (and spontaneously) w/ my beloved Guild Jf-4 into my computer.



74/8/2012 20:58:05C70manEaster ParadeIrving Berlinhttp://c70man.xanga.com/audio/d403e3996001/This months entry....a revisit to Irving Berlin's Easter Parade....
Played on my Guild, standard tuning, thru my RC30. A version similar to Steve Goodman's version....just had fun with it...


Steve Goodman Fan...http://www.cobo.org/goodman/good.html
Damon Fowler Fan...


84/8/2012 20:58:58TSMusic Prayer Of TestamentTSMusic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj2fWNPO1Kg&feature=player_embeddedGreetings

I'm still in the throes of a major creative slump so I'm going to do another rerun from a few years ago. This is fitting of the day and is titled Prayer Of Testament.

Happy Easter to all



94/8/2012 20:59:52SangemonMoonlightBlaze Foleyhttp://www.box.com/s/ae7b1fe8f1b235efa45aThis entry has nothing to do with Easter, but I would like to wish all those who celebrate these holidays a very happy Easter and/or Passover.

That said I have done another Blaze Foley song for the VOM1T this month. It's called "Moonlight" or "The Moonlight Song", depending on where and how you find recordings of it. I love this song. It's heartfelt simplicity moves me deeply.

I played my Martin OM-35, recorded with a Zoom H4. Mixed in Logic Express. No reverb, just a touch of compression and a little scoop at 200hz.




104/8/2012 21:00:44Pitar ??Fendouglas (Peter)http://www.box.com/shared/bv1ascv6s8This is a song written/arranged with lyrics written by Fendouglas (Peter). Recorded 1-take on a Breedlove Focus concert.



114/8/2012 21:02:00BlackHatHunter Down by the waterThe Decemberistshttp://mojotwanger.wordpress.com/201...-by-the-water/Been pondering adding Down by the water to my acoustic duo (percussionist and me) live set, so I recorded a quick take of it on my iPhone for Keith to listen to, find a beat he likes, and decide whether we're doing the tune or not. Figured I'd share it here:



124/8/2012 21:03:20FussenKuhFly To The AngelsSlaughterhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc6tvRNR6xU&feature=player_embeddedHappy Easter and happy VOM to all!!

Title: Fly To The Angels
Originally By: Slaughter

A few weeks ago I was contacted by my as-of-late vocal partner-in-crime, Kevin Wright ( kkhord - http://www.youtube.com/user/KkHord ) about a special guitar track request:

"My sister passed away in a car accident in 1992 and the 20th anniversary is coming up. I sang [Fly To The Angels] at her funeral service and would like to cover it in time for the anniversary."

In response, there wasn't much more to say than yes... while hoping that I could figure out the tune in time and record a rendition worthy of the situation.

What you see before you is the final outcome of Kevin's request. While the guitar track is essentially one-take (with the exception of a 2nd guitar layer during the solo), the final mix is anything but one-take. I let Kevin experiment with his new pro tools setup to create the mix.


134/8/2012 21:04:10skataliteCamarilloskatalitehttp://soundcloud.com/prizefighters-all/camarilloThis is an original I recorded Saturday morning. It's called "Camarillo."

Link: http://soundcloud.com/prizefighters-all/camarillo

It's a demo I'm working on for my first project of 2012. It's an EP called "16th Century Split" and will contain five songs. As always, my vocals need the most work. All comments/criticisms appreciated! Cheers.


I'm feeling like an outcast
Left to fend for himself
I ache to feel anything
I ache to feel anyone
I lost you years ago
But I can't let you go

Somehow, I still feel it

It was the first time
I ever felt loss like that
But it was the last time
I ever felt truly relaxed
So go on and celebrate
With the people you told me you hate

Somehow, I still feel it

I'm not pleased to say it
That I feel depressed
But the sad truth is
I'm missing you to death
I'm missing you to death

I have memories
Of things we never, ever did
And until I wake up
I won't ever forget them
You're a burning amber
In my mind forever

Somehow, I still feel it


Recording information
Guitar: Larrivee OM-03 with Italian Spruce top and mahogany back and sides
Strings: John Pearse 700M phosphor bronze mediums
Microphone: Zoom H1
Software: GarageBand


144/8/2012 21:06:20StarrshineUntitledStarrshinehttp://www.reverbnation.com/artist/artist_songs/615704My submission this month is an instrumental I have been working on this past week. I recently got a spider capo and have been experimenting with it. While I don't think it will replace down tuning my guitar, it certainly can produce some interesting alternatives. The tuning is starting at the bottom strings G-C-F-G-B-G, sort of a Gsus open tuning. No title yet as I have changed a few times already. I played it at a small jam yesterday and they enjoyed, hope you guys do too.


154/8/2012 21:07:48Frets99 You're BeautifulPhil Wickmanhttp://www.box.com/s/bfe402ab87389a6f6e1eYou're Beautiful - Phil Wickman

My friend Aaron on lead vocal and me on guitar and harmony vocal.

You're Beautiful


164/8/2012 21:08:54fastblueheelerDaddy Had A Buickfastblueheelerhttp://www.box.com/s/148e7f2adbec31e4574eMy April submission:
This is an original song I wrote a few months ago after visiting an old friend I went to High School with. We sat around reminiscing about our teenage years back in Illinois and that triggered a whole string of memories. I really struggled with this, did I want it slow and ballady or fast and Bluegrassey, Finger picked or strummed? I finally just gave up and hacked away at it like I always do. The chord progression is a Robert Earl Keen kind of thing. The title has been used before but my Daddy really did have a Buick.

Daddy had a Buick http://www.box.com/s/148e7f2adbec31e4574e

My daddy had a buick it was a long and low machine
Way back in 1959 when I was just 13
He used to let me drive it, let me take it for a spin
Down the street we lived on and back up the road again
All my friends would wave at me as I went driving by
One arm out the window I felt like I could fly
Sometimes in my dreams I’m driving down that road again
Man I wish those good times wouldn’t end

My daddy had a pistol he brought back from the war
Don’t know where he hid the bullets but he kept it in a drawer
Wrapped up in an old rag underneath the stairs
Guess he never knew that I knew it was there
He’d bring it out on New Years eve and when midnight rolled around
He’d let me point it at the moon and fire off a round
Sometimes in my dreams I’m shooting at the moon again.
Man I wish those good times wouldn’t end

It was meat loaf on Sundays, Gunsmoke on TV
Boy scouts and paper routes and Hot Rod magazines
Not much money in my pockets but lots of time to spend
Man I wish those good times wouldn’t end

My daddy had a Buick it was a long and low machine
He used to let me drive it when I was just 13
Now I guess I’m older than my Daddy’s Dad was then
I wish that I could turn around and do it all again
But you only get one turn no matter what you spend.
Man I wish those good times wouldn’t end


174/8/2012 21:10:15DeepEndWhat If You Were The Man?DeepEndhttp://yourlisten.com/channel/content/121778/What_If_You_Were_The_Man?Here's mine. An original I wrote six years ago. Gospel with perhaps a touch of Dylan. More Good Friday than Easter. Ibanez AW120 capoed at the 4th fret: http://yourlisten.com/channel/conten..._Were_The_Man?.


184/10/2012 7:57:59Freeman KellerJesu, Joy of Mans Desire and Sailors Graver on the PrairieJS Bach, Kottkehttp://vom.infocusreviews.com/index.php?p=play&id=Freeman_Keller/JesuSailor.mp3Being a heathen I don't know any Easter songs. Best I can do is poor version of a JS Bach thing, and since I only know a few bars I thought I'd better add a little Kottke slide piece on the end. So here is a medly - Jesu, Joy of Mans Desire and Sailors Graver on the Prairie

Medly - Jesu and Sailor

Sheesh - Bach on a resonator, thats pretty low